Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Again!

I know it's been awhile... Life, BlizzCon, gear grind... but I decided that I need to come back to this so I could share a few of my feelings about the game. As all of you people (well, actually person) who follows this blog), this is not the informative ElitistJerkest type blog that will math crunch as the specs and discussion the minutiae of one spec over the other. I am more the emotional type WoW player... the one that will quit his farming routine to help out a fellow friend who needs it with a quest, instance, whatever. So...with that being said...

I am now standing on the razor's edge of continuing the WoW that I love...that is leveling new toons and hanging out with people that I enjoy PvP'ing with or do I take that step into raiding that I am fascinated with but find a bit stressful and laborious? The guild that I belong to is a great guild and one for which I have great affection. We are a casual guild but have decided to raid progressively in Ulduar and so forth. So I decided to go. My first performance was a bit... well... crappy. 1700dps in Ulduar is not an aspiration that anyone who is even considering raiding should try to attain! So I spent the next couple of weeks gear grinding and building my toon (now my main is an ele shammy...sue me! :) ). I went back in and...low and behold! I was consistant with 2400dps and I did not die once! I was even told that I had brought my game that night! Man O Man did I feel good! I had made great advancements and I was ready and willing to give it another go!

I signed up for another raid ready to, once again, prove that I was raid ready. I was passed over. I signed up for another. Passed over. Now I know that in the past I have had the rep of being a "loose" kinda player... start an instance and fall asleep, get too drunk! :), whatever... and I knew that I would have to overcome my stigma of that which I was happy to do. Lost the drinking, geared my toon...and no raids.

I guess the point that I am making is that when the momentum goes out of your sail to do something for a group of people that you really wanted to help it's hard to get the aforementioned momentum back. Again I want to remind raid leaders and the like that the reason that we all started to play was to have fun. A majority of that fun comes from being around friends and people that you enjoy.

I am not saying that you should take a total basket case to something that you know will continually wipe the group. Who wants that? But, given the time and oppritunity, I do think that sometimes you CAN find that diamond in the ruff...

I will try and post more often...I find that I miss this way to communicate my feelings...even if it is to myself:)

P.S. I realize that this is a regurgative representation of my innards...please be respectful! :)


You wake it, you tank it. said...

I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, what we're looking at is a roster that is heavy on DPS. We've been trying to rotate people in and out and get people in who either need vetting or who have been benched lately.

I put up a poll on the forums trying to get people thinking about a second run to get new raiders more experience and allow the core raiders to work on an extended raid lockout now that we're pushing the Insanity bosses. However, even a second run has it's caveats: We'd have core raiders pulling in alts to help fill roles and get people enough experience to improve their game play to what we need for Core Raiders. But we still need signups and people who don't flake out on those signups.

Basically we're suffering some growing pains. We're trying to be fair to as many people as we can while maintaining a professional attitude -and- progressing. It's not been easy and a lot of us are worn out.

neshura said...

We *loooooove* Baby!!! What's more, we looove shammies hehehe. Being one of the three people who builds the rosters, I can say firmly that it is a total nightmare when your team has 2 tanks, 4 healers, and a little over a dozen prepared DPS. There are only 5 DPS spots, and believe me, I am myself MORE than happy to give up a spot from Razorscale through Keepers to an up-and-coming toon.

Just know that we are never ever passing you over because we don't like you or don't think you should come back! Roster balancing is one of those thankless jobs ... taking into account preparedness, raid utility, melee/ranged makeup, ensuring a reserved spot for the raid leader, and, for lack of a better phrase, "package deals". Micro & Jan, Boon & K, Brem & Baby, etc

I have no hesitation about bumping Kyuushi out of a roster even if I'm in it :-), but all the raid organizers try not to do that to any other couples.

Please remember that we aren't a hard-core raiding guild, we don't gkick people who do 1700dps in Ulduar, we raid fewer nights and more slowly than many DPSers would like. But I want everyone to get in to see the content, because the fights are a lot of fun and raiding is a great experience. It just takes time and we never have enough tanks or healers to field 2 10-man teams. That might change.

Babygorn said...

As I said... I know that it is hard work and more often than not a thanksless jobg to pick to get and sustaina dedicated raid group. My reason for posting this was to empathize with what many players are facing at this point of the game...inertia. If I knew the answer to this I would be like the UBER Bremtanica! :) Alas...I am not. I love the game and will continue to do what I love...help my friends and gt enjoyment out of the game:)