Thursday, December 31, 2009

You know....

I had forgotten the responsibility factor when it comes to instance dynamics. All parts of the group are important....without dps the healer and tank would die, without the healer everyone else would die, and with out the tank...well....we have all seen that scenario before! What I am talking about is the chance of surviving if any part of this puzzle is eliminated....

Just by shear chance if one of your dps is eliminated, then you still have an above average chance of downing a certain mob(s). You still have your tank, a healer, and a fair (although lessened) amount of dps. If you take the healer away unless you have a utility toon with you that can off heal, you have a severely limited ability to complete the task at hand. If the tank goes....well....RUN!

I guess what I am saying is that there seems to be a certain lack of respect or maybe acknowledgement to the people that still find tanking and healing enjoyable and, even more so, rewarding! Does a dps ever consider that when a tank or a healer has to worry that they are pulling aggro that they decrease the chance of any encounter of success? I know as having played all of these that aggro management needs to be looked at again and taken to heart by those dps WHORES who just vie for the top spot on the aggro meter. As a healer, I am revisiting the idea of my Kill List and implementing it again....if you pull aggro you will pay the consequence...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mages Rock Again!

I was waiting for the day that mages would crawl back to the top of the damage meters and they have! With AoE and crit I am pushing 3.5k dps on most fights and almost 4K on bosses! Now....dont you wish you were a cool kid playing a mage?? :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bubble Priests

For those of you that are curious, I have found a new passion in the game. PvP'ing with my low level priest! OMG! I never thought that I would feel so invunerable on a clothy! If I have the mana, I can drag two or three pvper' with me for a good while! And talk about kills! I DoT everything up with shadow word pain and plauge and let everyone else do the work! I also LOVE the exp that you get when doing it! RockOn Blizzard!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Again!

I know it's been awhile... Life, BlizzCon, gear grind... but I decided that I need to come back to this so I could share a few of my feelings about the game. As all of you people (well, actually person) who follows this blog), this is not the informative ElitistJerkest type blog that will math crunch as the specs and discussion the minutiae of one spec over the other. I am more the emotional type WoW player... the one that will quit his farming routine to help out a fellow friend who needs it with a quest, instance, whatever. So...with that being said...

I am now standing on the razor's edge of continuing the WoW that I love...that is leveling new toons and hanging out with people that I enjoy PvP'ing with or do I take that step into raiding that I am fascinated with but find a bit stressful and laborious? The guild that I belong to is a great guild and one for which I have great affection. We are a casual guild but have decided to raid progressively in Ulduar and so forth. So I decided to go. My first performance was a bit... well... crappy. 1700dps in Ulduar is not an aspiration that anyone who is even considering raiding should try to attain! So I spent the next couple of weeks gear grinding and building my toon (now my main is an ele shammy...sue me! :) ). I went back in and...low and behold! I was consistant with 2400dps and I did not die once! I was even told that I had brought my game that night! Man O Man did I feel good! I had made great advancements and I was ready and willing to give it another go!

I signed up for another raid ready to, once again, prove that I was raid ready. I was passed over. I signed up for another. Passed over. Now I know that in the past I have had the rep of being a "loose" kinda player... start an instance and fall asleep, get too drunk! :), whatever... and I knew that I would have to overcome my stigma of that which I was happy to do. Lost the drinking, geared my toon...and no raids.

I guess the point that I am making is that when the momentum goes out of your sail to do something for a group of people that you really wanted to help it's hard to get the aforementioned momentum back. Again I want to remind raid leaders and the like that the reason that we all started to play was to have fun. A majority of that fun comes from being around friends and people that you enjoy.

I am not saying that you should take a total basket case to something that you know will continually wipe the group. Who wants that? But, given the time and oppritunity, I do think that sometimes you CAN find that diamond in the ruff...

I will try and post more often...I find that I miss this way to communicate my feelings...even if it is to myself:)

P.S. I realize that this is a regurgative representation of my innards...please be respectful! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Been awhile......

As you all well know, life is busy WITHOUT WoW....and trying to level 5 70's (and a few lower ones a that!) can be quite time consuming. With hit rating, haste, spellpower, etc that all need to be capped or neared to and with certain crafting professions that have gone into the crapper in my opinion (namely tailoring), I decided to comiserate with all of you who are doing the same thing GLADLY and without remorse because we have decided that this would be our hobby:)

What makes this so enjoyable? Is it the phat loot? Well loot is great but fighting over a cloth chest piece between 2 other clothies can get quite bothersome. Is it the pride you feel when the group comes together and makes it out of the safety dance alive more than one time around??? Let me tell you....I watched a prot pally and a resto druid kill that boss after the rest of us died....amazing to watch but 45 min of my time I would have liked to have back.

I would say it is the friendships and the people that I have gotten to know through this community. For the most part they are kind, generous, and supportive. Yea, yea....there are exceptions but I have found those to be few and far between.I like to watch the noob who has no idea what WoW means to me when I try to tell them this. They just can't believe it isnt all about the Naxx's about my friends that I get to enjoy when I log in.....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hit Rating......CURSE YOU!

A 341 hit rating for casters? BOOOOO! And I thought that leveling 3 tailors was bad enough! Now I have to regem, get new spell thread, new gear, etc. I guess I am just whining but with 4 70's to level there just does not seem to be enough time

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


WOW! And I mean WOW!

I realize that I have not been posting a lot with the oncoming on the expansion and then the launch but I just felt compelled to say a couple of things about the material.

There are still sucky quests out there. There are always sucky quests out there. Whereas the suckiness is about the same in all content, the new quests that are cool sre 100 times more cool then anything in the past! Have you been to Dragon Blight yet?? Where you ride the dragons and kill other ones?? SO COOL!

And the gold and the xp have certainly been bumped up!

Thats all for now.....I have a few 70's to level.